Wii Driving Game
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No doubting Wii, but when we talk about it the last thing that comes to our minds is driving simulations. In fact, Wii is a definite success. It's proven to be the most sold video game console on the market, still outselling others that claim to be the best. It's funny how this console with funny controls beats professional consoles. Yet again, Wii is missing something when it comes to driving simulations.

Wii Driving SimulatorThere are a dozen of racing video games available for Wii, but because they're so cartoon based and childish, there is no way they can be placed into the serious genre of game racing. Wii games are not made to be complicated and super extraordinary; they're made to be fun and relaxing. So we can't compare Mario Cart with Gran Turismo.

Just before everyone branded Wii for a total childish console, Codemasters decided to risk it and make something more realistic than cartoon like games for the Wii. The latest Formula One game - F1 2009 was released, fully licensed and the only Formula One game up to date. With Wii holding the official FIA license, this game couldn't have found a better time to arrive.

However, people were not so excited about it, because of a couple of reasons like the lack of controls and good graphics. Only after Logitech designed a steering wheel specially made for Wii with force feedback effects and a huge rotation angle, people started to look at Nintendo's F1 adventure through a different perspective.

The only alternative for other consoles is the Formula One 2006 version, which is becoming ever so old and out of date now, even driver's grid, teams, sponsors names and much more has changed now. This leaves the Wii to be on top, with the newest F1 version out. Codemasters are not releasing the game for PS3 or Xbox360 until later this year, so if gamers want to get their hands on it, Wii is their only option.

Driving Simulator for Wii

You can also get your hands on the game if you have a PSP or iPhone, but after all, you cannot sit in the OpenWheeler racing chair and play with your handhelds. Wii is the way forward.

And with iPhone and PSP been the only other options for playing the game, we all agree that Nintendo Wii is the world's best Formula One platform at present. After all you can't sit in the OpenWheeler racing game chair and play with your iPhone.

The OpenWheeler game driving simulator is bundled with a real home driving cockpit. The folding chair offers a real car sliding mechanism for backward and forward adjustments. Noticeably upgrade your driving flair by utilizing the OpenWheeler home racing cockpit simulator.